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Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching Program is an individualised, results-oriented, personal coaching program focused on delivering observable behavioral change. 

Each program is flexible and specifically targeted to senior executives and takes into consideration their personal style, background and individual needs. The program is collaborative and focuses on business and personal goals.

Our coaches provide the environment, structure, tools and support to assist in maintaining motivation and focus to achieve desired outcomes.

Areas commonly covered include leading people, influencing, strategic and cross-functional decision-making, managing people and teams, managing stress and leading change.


Leadership Development

Our learning and development programs offer tailored training solutions to specific organizational needs and are consistent with the latest development in management theory and practice.

Tailored Development Programs include:

  • High Performance Leadership
  • Leading and Managing People
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Developing High Performance Teams
  • Team Building and Development
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Managing Self
  • Conflict Management
  • Assertiveness and Effective Negotiation
  • Managing for High Performance
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Motivation and Coaching
  • Interview Skills
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management & Well-Being
  • Career Management
Training and Development

Designing and delivering quality leadership programs aligned to strategic organisational objectives.

Our programs include:

  • Leadership assessment
  • Development planning
  • Structured professional workshops
  • Follow-up one-on one coaching
Team Building and Development

Assisting managers and team members in the application of targeted strategies to develop high performing teams. 

Emphasis is on improved communication, enhancing team problem solving and decision-making, valuing diversity and managing conflict and difference.

We use a range of psychological tool including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Team Management Index (TMI) as well as relevant team building exercises.

Career Management

A personalized program assisting individuals to identify and achieve their career goals.

Our personalised career evaluation program helps individuals align their work preferences, values, interests and skills to develop a career plan that can assist them in achieving a satisfying career goal.

This individual coaching program involves:

  • Personal and career assessment
  • Exploration of career options
  • Development of a career plan
  • Understanding of development needs
  • Coaching in strategies to achieve development targets and career goal
Performance Management and Coaching

Assisting our client organisations with the development of performance management systems and assist with the effective implementation of existing systems.

We coach managers in effectively implementing the performance management system and assist them in developing their skills to manage individual and team performance.

We assist in identifying possible derailment factors that may impact motivation, team effectiveness or work productivity and support individuals in their efforts to meet specified targets and to improve overall performance.

Career Transition and Outplacement

We provide tailored approaches and a range of career transition options to meet your specific organizational needs.

We provide management consultancy that assists client organizations to take a proactive approach to merger & acquisition, restructuring, downsizing and change management generally. We provide management support and career transition programs designed to build positive outcomes for both the organization and the individual. Our approach helps minimize organizational risk and eases the trauma occasioned by redundancy.

We provide on-site support to management and to individuals involuntarily leaving the organization.

Full career transition programs offered to individuals include:

  • Self assessment
  • Career review and decision-making
  • Self- Marketing and job search
  • Resume, interview training and networking techniques
  • Office support
  • One- on- one consulting with our directors or senior consultants
Psychometric Assessment Services

We provide assessment services employing a range of specialist procedures and instruments including our new generation, on-line assessment system administered under the direction of professionally qualified psychologists.

We work in collaboration with your business to determine relevant assessment tools to meet particular client needs including:

  • Selection of external candidates for placement within the client organization
  • Promotion and placement of internal personnel
  • Identification of internal talent
  • Leadership development
  • Career assessment

Performance management psychometric assessments are an effective, objective and reliable method of gathering relevant information that can assist in the selection decision-making process and in identifying and planning for development needs.


Measures include aptitude, personality, work preferences, interests, values and motives, sales approach, leadership style, interpersonal and coping style, and team orientation.

Maximising potential and delivering high performance outcomes

Sleeman Consultancy provides solutions to management issues, and specialises in the development of productivity through the development of personal potential. Using staff to their optimum in the pursuit of organisational goals has always been the prime function of management. At best, a company can only perform to the capacity of those it employs. Sleeman Consultancy provides a range of services that develop personal potential, improve upon existing skills and expertise, and deliver measurable behavioral change.

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